Membership Benefits

Here Are Some of the Key Benefits of being a BEIM Member

1. Advice on the design of a Code of Business Ethics
BEIM will assist members in designing, introducing, implementing and constantly undertake appreciation workshops on Code of Ethics. BEIM will provide a basic Code of Ethics to organizations that do not have and to assist them to formulate one if they do not have according to their needs.

2. To conduct Business Ethics Training and Seminar Workshops
Members will be invited to participate in our various business ethics seminars on a discounted fee

3. Advisory Service
BEIM will provide Advisory Services to our members on matters related to business ethics.

4. Knowledge and Input From International Affiliations
BEIM will frequently disseminate information on international issues related to business ethics via our magazine / e-mails / fax / website.

5. Quarterly Newsletter / Magazine
Free half-page advertisements will be published annually of our member businesses.

6. Members Referral
BEIM will coordinate in bridging friendship between members and also to coordinate references for business alliances.

7. Membership Stickers and Certificates
BEIM would be given two stickers to be used in their premises and a certificate will be awarded which can be displayed at members premises.

8. BEIM Logo
Members will be allowed to advertise using BEIM logo or all printing materials inclusive of advertisements. Members can use the logo itself or using the sentence "MEMBER OF BEIM".

9. Members Annual Directory
BEIM will publish Annual Directory with full information on each member to be promoted and distributed at all BEIM events.

10. Member to Member Discount Programs
Members can use the BEIM Members annual directory to seek any discounts with other members of BEIM.

11. Online BEIM Membership Directory
Members can click in to BEIM homepage address : BEIM WEBSITE and click on to our Members directory.

12. Customer Complaints
BEIM will entertain any unethical complaints and will seek to liase the complaint. The Complainant will have to fill up a form and provide evidence for BEIM to proceed further.

13. Practical Hands-on Training in Business Ethics
14. International Affiliations
15. Rating Services
16. Members Networking
17. Membership Accreditation

Join us today and make a difference. Be part of the collective voice of the nation that calls for more ethical business practices in the marketplace. Say yes to integrity. Say yes to BEIM.

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