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The news outbreak with regard to the redelineation exercise being carried out by the Malaysian Election Commission (EC) refers. The Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (BEIM) takes into very serious consideration the concerns being published in various media and hereby, in the best interest of the ethical business community, advocates that:

  1. The EC must come forth and clear all doubts being raised in the wake of its re-delineation exercise in preparation for the 14th general election that is expected in 2018 or any time earlier.

Mere compliance to standard operating procedures (SOPs) as in the calling for feedback within a stipulated time frame, or attempting to even conduct a public relations propaganda exercise (through the traditional mouthpiece media or the new age social media) will not absolve or consecrate the EC with regards to its duties and responsibilities towards ensuring that basic tenets of a democratic election and the very constitution of this nation are upheld to the last letter.

  1. The opposition political parties have been vocal and have been registering their unhappiness about the announced changes to the election boundaries and significant shifts in demographics. It is incumbent on the part of those who deem the EC’s actions as unjust or diabolically motivated to go beyond mere political speeches and statements to ensure justice is upheld and seen to be upheld through any and every legal means that is available and at their disposal.
  2. Political leaders and masters (those currently in power and past regimes) must step forward to explain and confess the truth. As observed on the scape of public opinion, has there been a political agenda at play to ensure the return to power of any one or more political party all these past general elections?
  3. Leaders from all segments of society, including civil society, religious organisations and professional bodies, have a stake in this redelineation exercise being carried out by the EC. As heads or representatives of their respective domains, they must not take a back seat or be a passenger on board. They must step forward and review and attest for truth, justice and honour.

The ethical implications surrounding the redelineation exercise have a direct impact on their respective members or followers.

It is time that politicians realised that in today’s fluid geo-political environment, the socio-economic and socio-political aspirations are central to the onward safeguarding and progression of humanity. Upholding higher ethical standards in all of our efforts, desires and will are also demanded by the very constitution of a nation.

When political expediency takes over to suit certain parties at the expense of the ethically-rooted business community, it certainly serves no benefit to that nation either.

An ethical business community thrives on a socio-political landscape that upholds the tenets of true democracy that demands transparency, accountability and justice. When the EC is suspected of or even alleged to have meddled with the cardinal rules of election preparations, ie that of a just, fair and clean elections, then ethics is compromised.

As the architect of the electoral system it is of paramount importance and a categorical imperative for the EC to therefore step forward and dispel all allegations, diffuse any trace of suspicion and reinstate trust. The head of the EC has that onus of national service to king and citizens to ensure that the voters welcome its decisions and actions without coercion.

Anything less will jeopardise this nation’s onward progress in a world environment that is fast transforming to embrace the new economic order taking shape.

In the best interest of the growing ethical business community that BEIM continues to work with and uphold, we demand honest, acceptable and transparent answers in a fair, just and clean manner.

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