Bringing Accountability to the Forefront

Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (BEIM) is collaborating with Open Promises Malaysia and Initiatives of Change (IoFC) in our collective efforts to utilize technology as we aspire to generate a society that is driven towards a more ethical landscape.

Our focus in this collaboration is good governance and specifically to monitor the manifesto of the new Malaysia government. Our effort is to create awareness, promote discussions, invite reviews and thereby engaging the stakeholders in achieving the vision and mission goals of interested parties desiring a better Malaysia.

An Overview of Open Promises Malaysia

Open Promises is a resource and platform that empowers citizens with easy access to public record of Pakatan Harapan’s promises made and their fulfillment status. Open Promises is a not-for-profit project powered by ordinary citizens. To be specific, promises are plans of actions that can be carried out by people in office. It can be a one-off action or even a policy change. The end goal for Open Promises is to increase the level of accountability among representatives in the country while increasing the level of civic engagement among citizens. The goal is achieved through building a media resource and platform that can be used by journalists, media organisations, politicians and ordinary citizens, to push for more accountability among the country’s representatives. At the same time, Open Promises aims to increase the level of political awareness and engagement among ordinary citizens through the utilization of digital platforms.

In addition to tracking and publishing promises made by the people in power in Malaysia, we also proactively create discussion spaces on line where Malaysian citizens can talk about policy changes in the country. Currently we have around 400 visits to the website, monthly, plus a consistent engagement on our Facebook posts on promises. Our team is made of citizens who contribute their spare time in a coordinated and consistent manner. We are 100% funded by citizens through a crowdfunding platform called Patreon.

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