Covid 19: Our Message of Hope for Members of BEIM

Dear Members of BEIM,

The ongoing ravages of the Covid 19 pandemic have not spared anyone. The world is in peril and our own economic and social fabric is not spared.

As the government’s financial aid packages to help address the challenges and sufferings affecting the many strata of citizens and businesses, Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (BEIM) remains mindful of the concerns raised by industries and private enterprises – ranging from the sole entrepreneur to SMEs and the various segments of economy and trade.

We take cognisance of the “Plea for survival of SMEs” by Dato’ Seri Raymond Liew, Entrepreneur Tax Accountant that is aired and shared widely in social media.

We also are mindful of the concerns raised by Professor Edmund Terrence Gomez’s in his article ‘Stimulus package and GLCs: Protecting the power nexus?’ (Malaysiakini, 30 Mar, 2020).

We also take into serious account the government’s assurance that ‘Nobody will be left behind’ as the nation reels in a standstill with the Movement Control Order (MCO), a form of lockdown emulated and enforced the world over to battle the fast spreading virus.

We are mindful of the claims that 50 percent of Malaysia’s SMEs will wind down leading to ‘at least four million people’ losing their jobs.

Under this canopy of serious dilemma faced by our economic engines of business, trade and growth, we know that our members are not left unscathed – from the sole individual trader to professionals, from SMEs to GLCs.

We believe that the aid packages being rolled out by the government will be a relief welcome for the man on the street, the salaried worker and businesses.

Meanwhile we also are concerned over the avalanche of fake news chocking the social media – the world over; The ‘Breaking News’ that threatens of an impending global tide of recession; the social chaos ranging from the hording and or theft of essential Personal Protection Equipments (PPEs) to human suffering for want of unmet basic human needs the world over and including profiteering mindsets –from the developed world to the fourth world corners on earth.

BEIM believes that this is a crucial junction that the poor and rich are being driven to. As governments – good and bad grapple with the uncertainties; as businesses face unprecedented tribulations and precarious futures; as employees remain on a hand-to-mouth situation – Business Ethics can serve as a catalyst in these times of unpreparedness and unprecedented challenges.

The will of the human being will triumph eventually. But that journey needs anchoring on fundamentals that provide insurance in these times of global and national peril.

Business Ethics is a currency that will emerge as your champion in this battle against the odds. We need good Business Ethics to combat the odds stacked against all of us – from sole entrepreneur to small and big businesses, from GLCs to policy makers and the government’s implementation machinery.

This is a good time for businesses, professionals and government departments and ministries to revisit how they can capitalise on strengthening the building blocks of Business Ethics.

BEIM offers help in this regard to all its Members.

  1. While employees remain grounded at home, the internet offers the means to sow seeds of Business Ethics in their hearts and minds. BEIM can tailor online Modules for your employees in an effort to instil a deeper awareness of how they can rise up to the challenges in a post Covid 19 business environment, armed with knowledge about Business Ethics.
  • Once society returns to normalcy, BEIM can train Executives in order that they equip themselves with the nuts and bolts of making Business Ethics work in tandem with the Organizational goals that have to be re-crafted by businesses. The immediate post Covid-19 period will be an appropriate timeframe to raise awareness and craft commitment pans towards improving Business Ethics at the workplace.
  • Championing your organization’s brand and believe in Business Ethics will not be compromised despite the current setbacks. BEIM is proceeding with its signature platform Event, the ‘Five Petals BEIM Gold Ethics Award 2020-2021’ that will coincide with the Global Ethics Day, come October 2020.

(Eleven Organizations from sole enterprise to public listed entity, local to foreign organizations, participated in this ‘Five Petals BEIM Gold Ethics Award’ inaugural Event in October 2019. They remain as your attestation of how important and how well Business Ethics has contributed to their growth and excellence).

  • BEIM will also feature insightful articles on its website for our Members’ benefit. We also invite Member organizations to have your testimonies of Business Ethics practices that are working right for you to be published and shared with others through our website.

Meanwhile, BEIM journeys with you in these perilous times. We will continue with our advocacy efforts to draw the attention of relevant machineries of government to help organizations like yours in the battle to keep improving the Business Ethics as your catalyst for success.

BEIM also will continue its efforts to reach out to relevant government agencies / ministries and policy makers in ensuring that Business Ethics is safeguarded, promoted and nurtured not only through policies and implementation of strategies but also becomes a culture within government departments.



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