Greetings And Vital Updates For Our Members From Our Associate - Cib, India

Dear Readers,

Caux Initiatives for Business would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every single one of you a very meaningful 2017.

There is much happening in the world over. One MD of a Mumbai based enterprise constantly refers to these times as volatile, disruptive and constantly changing. In the midst of it all, it becomes imperative to look with hope so as to bring meaning and vision back to business and society.

We are very pleased to present in this issue two write-ups. One is a report of the meeting that the CIB Mumbai Chapter had on December 2016. The other is an article titled, “The Ubiquitous Aadhar Card”. The latter is an attempt to bring perspective to two sides of what is fast becoming a defining factor in the lives of every Indian.We do hope you will enjoy reading these.

Click here to read the full issue: CIB on Wings – January 2017