Malaysia’s First BEIM-CIB Round Table on Business Ethics

We all know the way. It is leaders however that go the way and then show the way.
Puan Shahreen Kamaluddin
Puan Shahreen Kamaluddin
Renowned Author and Advisor – Fellow, Institute of Public Relations Malaysia
We can leave from here with lots of sharing of experiences and we can walk away inspired.
Moderator, Vivek Asrani,
Moderator, Vivek Asrani,
MD, Kaymo Fastener Company, (SME), Mumbai
Ethics goes beyond just dealings with money.
Director of CIB, Sarosh Ghandy
Director of CIB, Sarosh Ghandy


Being unethical can hurt business in the long run. Though it is not easy to walk this path in the face of the competitive environment we operate in, (as this involves making some tough decisions), in the end it pays off to be ethical. Corruption is like cancer. If allowed the first few times, it soon becomes part of the business culture. There is a cost to being ethical. The question is – Are we willing to pay the price?


  • Communicate regularly the core values to all stakeholders.
  • Make Ethics strategic to the organization.
  • Leadership must walk the talk.

When you give something from fear it is a bribe. When you give it from love, it is a gift.

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