The Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (BEIM) Board participated in a preliminary discussion with Institute Darul Ehsan (IDE) on 4 September 2019, in response to IDE’s invitation and the recent appointment of BEIM’s Chairman Mr. Ong Ewe Hock as a Ahli Jawatankuasa Kluster Pembinaan Bangsa Dan Jaringan Antarabangsa.

The discussion was to explore future pathways for both IDE and BEIM to collaborate on two immediate agendas, namely:-

(1) Environmental Protection ( in the context of peaceful co-existence ); and,

(2) Promoting Business Ethics through Maqasid Shariah.

The outcome of this discussion are:-

(A) As proposed by IDE, to work towards a Tripatriate Memorandum of Understanding to be inked between IDE, Top Glove Corporation Berhad and BEIM.

(B) The proposed MoU is to further the discourse and R&D work on integrating International Business Ethics Philosophy with the universal values of Maqasid Shariah.

(C) Universiti Selangor (Unisel) which recently sealed a MoU with BEIM to collaborate with its Business Faculty in the inculcation of Business Ethics among its business studies students, would be invited to serve as the research university in supporting the initiatives of the tripariate coalition between IDE, TOP GLOVE and BEIM.

(D) As Top Glove is a business partner of Unisel, IDE and UniSel will contact Top Glove Management with the proposed pathway and seek Top Glove’s endorsement/agreement.

(E) The targeted date set for the signing of the proposed MOU is September 26. It will be held at one of IDE’s Nation Building forums and to be graced by a VVIP / Member of Parliament.

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