About Us

About BEIM

Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (BEIM) is an independent non-profit organization that was formed with the sole purpose of driving greater business ethics on the national forefront. Founded in 1997, BEIM promotes ethics through education, inculcation, and nurturing of values such as honesty, fairness, integrity, and self-regulation among businesses in Malaysia.

We are committed to raising the awareness and acceptance of transparency and integrity in business among the various national stakeholders including business owners, executives, students and individuals who are willing to take the bold step of joining us in our dream of establishing Malaysia as a champion of ethical business practices.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of BEIM comprises leaders from a broad range of industries in the Malaysian public and private sectors who themselves are exemplary of the highest standards of integrity and credibility in business and leadership. For 2020 - 2021

Join us today and make a difference. Be part of the collective voice of the nation that calls for more ethical business practices in the marketplace. Say yes to integrity. Say yes to BEIM.

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